1 Apr 2015
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1 Apr2015
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If you’ve owned your dog from puppy-hood the process of making bath time stress-free may be a little easier, but no matter the age, your dog can still learn to like baths.

Here are a few ways to ease your dog into coping with bath time.

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Creature Comforts: Creating A Comfortable Environment For Bath Time. If you think your dog is generally okay with baths, here’s a sure-fire test. If your dog doesn’t take food or a treat from you while in the bath, it means your pup isn’t comfortable. There are a couple reasons why the physical environment of your bathroom isn’t calming to your dog. One of the best ways to enhance a dog’s physical presence in the tub is a non-skid bath mat or even a towel. If a dog doesn’t have traction, they won’t feel physically at ease in any situation. When bathing your dog, remember that hot water doesn’t always equal cleanliness.

Chaotic To Calm: Changing Your Dog’s Perceptions About Baths

After you make the dog physically comfortable in the bath, the next step is emotional comfort. Anxiety about baths can change if a dog is eased into relating the bathroom to a place where good things happen. Anytime you are in the bathroom, lead your dog in and give them a treat. Next, step into the tub and give your dog a treat. Even try feeding your dog in the bathroom and slowly move their food into the actual tub as they become more comfortable. For dogs who get bathed in sinks, it’s the same idea. Work to slowly move toward the sink, putting your pup down and giving them a training treat each time you move a step closer. Reiterate this practice until the dog is calm.

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